Monday, May 9, 2011

30 Day Challenge

Today I started a 30 day challenge. *Will edit tomorrow. just wanted to save the date

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A work experience

So I started working Monday... and had to quit the very next day. I am ashamed to say that. The job was physically I had done before, and one I thought I could do again. Sadly, I could not. I hurt sooooo bad I could barely move around. I was in bed most of the day Tuesday and didn't really get up till I had to go get my son from the afterschool program. Then we drove around for an hour or so afterwards because I didn't want to get out of the car. This was like a slap in the face that I really am fat, that I really am weaker than I used to be. Did this experience strengthen me? I KNOW I want to lose weight. I KNOW I want to gain more muscle. But for some reason I keep finding myself stuffing my face with "comfort" foods. Cookies, cakes, doughnuts, pastas, breads, etc. I am drinking protein drinks to help rebuild my muscles...but that seems a small victory and overall void when compared to the rest of the junk I have been munching down on. So where do I go from here? I'm not sure where I will go with this...I KNOW I want a slimmer, healthier me...but I feel so beat down and ashamed.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2 week weigh-in


weight: 274 lbs
bmi: 40.45
chest (bra line): 43"
bust: 48.5"
neck: 15"
waist (we think...4 in above belly button): 48"
hips (this includes biggest part of butt and around to include bottom of stomach): 56.75"
upper arms(measured 6 in from elbow): R: 16" L : 15.5"
thighs (measured 9 in from knee): R: 27" L: 26.5"
calf (measured 12.5 in from bottom of heel): R: 17" L: 17"

Total weight loss: 5 lbs
Total inch loss: I gained 1.5"
Total BMI loss: .89

hmm....I gained in inches. I was going by the Atkins website on what I could and couldn't eat instead of what the book said this week. I also was relying more on the Atkin bars for snacks and whatnot. These bars do not follow the guidelines of what is acceptable in the book. I am going to go back to the book and eat strictly according to what the book says is ok to eat. I have been doing light exercises this week. I will step it up a notch exercising as well. Hopefully by combining the two I will see better results next week. ***Totals are determined from my beginning weight and inches.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I know I haven't been posting lately, but I want you all to know that I have been doing good and haven't cheated. I have been very careful about my carb intake and keeping it below 20 grams. However, I do want to share something with you (since I said I would be honest and share my observations). Over the past few days I have developed an intense itching. It started on my scalp. My head itched soooo bad, I was constantly asking my mom to check my head because I feared I had gotten lice somehow. But every time she checked it, she said all she saw was dandruff. I think I even made her check it twice in one day! Since then I have developed the itch ALL OVER my body. No rash, just itch. It is driving me CRAZY! I decided to do some research on the matter. Apparently, this is a side effect of a low carb diet. What I am experiencing is one of two things...or both...1. it is the release of toxins that are stored in my body causing the itch or 2. it is a candida yeast die out happening in my body. In many cases the itch is accompanied by a rash. Either way I need to drink as much water as I possibly can each day to help in the flushing of the toxins and/or yeast build up.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One week Weigh-In


weight: 276.5 lbs
bmi: 40.75
chest (bra line): 44"
bust: 48.25"
neck: 15"
waist (we think...4 in above belly button): 45"
hips (this includes biggest part of butt and around to include bottom of stomach): 56"
upper arms(measured 6 in from elbow): R: 15.5" L : 15.25"
thighs (measured 9 in from knee): R: 26" L: 27"
calf (measured 12.5 in from bottom of heel): R: 17" L: 17.5"

Total weight loss: 3 lbs
Total inch loss: 2.5"
Total BMI loss: .59

I'm thrilled to see that I lost in all areas! I would have lost more total inches, but my hips got bigger! lol! Probably because I haven't been walking as much as I use to. My other thought on this: I'm pretty sure I am retaining water. I have been drinking tons of water, but haven't been eliminating much fluids from my body. My goal for this week is to get my butt in gear and start working out. I will do some sort of physical activity at least every other day. Yup! Here is that accountability thing again! Now that the whole world knows, I have to do it!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 7

So today is day 7, the end of my first week. Tomorrow I weigh myself and measure myself. Kinda excited, kinda scared...but EXTREMELY happy I made it through the week. Today I was looking around on the internet for some recipes that would help with variety on deciding on what to eat. I am kinda limited on the things I am allowed to eat, but I found LOTS of great recipes. Many on the Atkins site, and many at this link I tried one recipe from each site and was pleased with both recipes. A word of caution though...Calculate the net carbs yourself...some of the net carbs will be different due to the different brands of products out there.

What I ate today!

Breakfast: 1/3 lb sausage & 1 egg scramble with 3T chedder cheese TNC: .6

Lunch: 1 hamburger patty with olive oil & vinegar dressing and dijon mustard TNC: 1

Dinner: 1/2 Pizza!* TNC: 9.4

Dessert: 3 oz Chocolate Smoothie* TNC: 4.89

Beverages: Lots of water...lost track of how much TNC: 0

Total Daily Net Carbs: 21.29
~YIKES! I didn't realize I went was all the mozzarella cheese I put on the pizza, didn't realize it at the time, but that was the majority of the carbs on the pizza

Supplements: 1 multivitamin & 1 fish oil gel cap

* See Recipes Page


Overall, I feel healthy and have had bursts of energy today. However, I have been pooping alot and am VERY thirsty. I cant seem to quench my thirst and I have drank tons of water. I'm sure its just my body getting rid of some of the waste.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

It was really cool that I didnt get any chocolate today. The only candy I got were some suckers for looks. They went to my son. However, today has been soooooo hard. I have been craving sweets like crazy! The cravings were actually body was beginning to really ache because I wanted to have sweets soooo badly. But I made it through! I didnt cheat at all!

What I ate Today

1/2 lb sausage mixed w/ 3 eggs, 3 T diced onion, 1/4 c diced green bell pepper, 3 mushrooms: 4.75
5 oz tuna with dijon mustard: 0
1 cucumber: 5
6 pieces of bacon: .2
2 burgers with bacon, cheddar cheese, dijon mustard, on 2 leaf lettuce: 1.9
1 stalk of celery with cream cheese: 1.8

Beverages: 80 oz water: 0
2 c decaf green tea: 0

Total Daily Net Carbs: 13.65

Supplements 1 multivitamin & 2 fish oil gel caps